American Art Collection
Two Page Spread Advertising my show at 101 Exhibit in Miami, FL





RiP Magazine – No. 36
Russian Magazine with a four page spread



“Honey Baked” was accepted in The Butler Institute of American Art’s annual mid year exhibition
Youngstown, OH
The painting titled “Honey Baked” was accepted in The Butler Institute of American Art’s annual mid year exhibition in Youngstown, OH


The Portrait Society of America’s annual competition

April 28th – 31st, 2011, Atlanta, GA
finalist in The Portrait Society of America’s annual competition to be held in Atlanta, GA.


101 Exhibit

Dec. 2nd, Miami, FL
One Man Show


International Artist magazine – Issue #73

June/July 2010
There is a four page story about David’s work in the June/July issue of International Artist magazine.



Published in the United States, Winter 2007
In a recent article about David Bowers’ work, Harry Schwalb states, “In Bowers there is a mastery of color, light, texture and space that recalls what the Metropolitan Opera’s chief vocal coach said of Luciano Pavarotti’s high C:  “It’s the absolute summit of technique.”    But Bowers isn’t just about technique.  There is substance here: these small-scale masterworks aim at social, moral, even political comment.  He seems to regard the canvas as a stage, with himself as director.  He auditions his characters, determines their roles.  Many appear in gorgeous Renaissance clothing.  Their masks suggest that human behavior is a carnival, whatever the era.” A sumptuous volume – “David Michael Bowers: The Evolution of an Artist”– with superb color plates and a text by Robert J. Trombetta was recently published.  An art-lover’s must.”


Direct Art Magazine

Volume 14
Fall/Winter 2007
David won first prize in Direct Art Magazine’s annual competition.  Winner is awarded the cover and a five-page story.


Fantasy Art Magazine

Published in China
The following excerpt is taken from a recent eight-page story about David’s work. “It can be said that in every heart there are seeds of imagination; this is the place where magic is nurtured.  David has created a limitless illusionary world using the limited medium of space; he seems to have opened up our hidden souls covered up by the passage of time, letting our spirits to fly out of the restraining shell of our bodies and soar in the freedom of imagination.”


New Art International

Published in New York
Irv Yarg quotes, ”You will find a path of mind which traces from the dramatic treatment of space which materialized in the work of a few of these masterful Northern painters of the Post-Reformational shift from explicit religious symbolism to interest in secular involvements and a discovery of the miraculous in the commonplace nestled snugly in Bowers’ logic of light and space. His poignancies capture humanity at peasant and patron strata, playing intricacies of awareness, experience and emotion.  His miracles are surrealistic probes calculated to engage fluid levels of the viewer’s sense of wonder, bludgeoned as it is with the entwined technological deities and devotions of Hollywood and commerce.  His themes employ a sardonic command of understated drama in an enticed second, closer glance.  Without overt menace, the serene clarity of Bowers’ upset order serves to heighten an arresting incongruity of substance with a cunning gesture of normalcy within grasp.

This is the work of an artist reflecting the tides of his time as, in his own devoted and masterful manner, he evolves-as the title of the new book has it-into ponderous and expectant future.”
David Bowers was the first prizewinner in this competition with an eight-page story.


Fantasy Art Now

Published in the United Kingdom by ILEX
David was selected to have two of his paintings represented in this book that showcases the very best in contemporary fantasy art.


Dreamscape II

Published in The Netherlands
David’s work was included in this volume that showcases fantasy artists from around the world.


Suburban Living Magazine

In a recent article about David Bowers’ work, Terry Kish states,  “Like so many people who love what they do for a living, David M. Bowers of Eighty-Four makes success look easy.  His work blends the technique of the great masters, of years gone by, with modern themes and whimsical ideas to create artwork that grabs your attention and won’t let go.”


Spectrum 14

Published in Nevada City, Ca by Underwood Books
David Bowers had four paintings selected for their annual book showcasing the best in contemporary fantastic art..”


Washington Crossroads Magazine

Published in the United States

International Artist

David’s painting titled, “Suburban Taboo” was selected for the cover. Also, David has two paintings featured on the inside of the magazine.